The same cow that was at the beginning of the archive. It is in a spacesuit.

Chicago 2019: The Cows Come Home

In 2019, the cows who had been on tour after the 1999 event finally came home to Chicago, including Joss Burke’s Moooooonwalker.

A cow painted to look like an avocado farm.

SLO County 2016: Moo’ving Through the Decades of Agriculture

Lin Mercer painted this cow for the 2016 SLO County, California event.

California 2015: Daisy’s Dream

This dynamic cow was created by Randy Gilman for the 2015 California event.

A purple cow with text supporting cancer awareness.

Detroit 2014: Cancer Awareness Cows

These cows, of which there are 13, were painted by Daniel Mears for the Detroit 2014 event.

A multicolored cow with many eyes painted on it.

North Carolina 2012: Acro Iris

This cow was painted by Carlyn Weight-Eakes for the 2012 North Carolina event.

A cow painted to look like the city of Austin, Texas

Austin 2011: Udderly Austin Cow

Painted by Patti Schermerhorn, this cow was made for the 2011 Austin Texas event.

A busy cow with many flashy additions such as wings.

Flushing 2009: Angelicow

This cow was made by Liz Lomax for the 2009 Flushing event.

A cow with a vibrant village painted on it.

La Jolla 2009: Vibrant Village

Liberty Station painted this cow for the 2009 La Jolla event.

A mermaid cow.

West Hartford, 2007: Moomaid

Ralh Almeida made this Moomaid for the 2007 West Hartford event, the second event in that city.

A statue of a cow dressed as the Wizard of Oz.

Wisconsion 2006: The Wizard of Oz Cow

Created by Mike Dowdell for the 2006 Wisconsion event, this cow was part of a set with other Wizard of Oz characters.